The Blackledge Family

First Generation

1. William Blackledge was born in 1682 in England. He died in 1718 in Bucks Co, Pa.

William BLACKLEDGE was the first American ancestor of this Blackledge Family.
He came from England about 1682 settling on the west bank of Neshaminy Creek,
Bucks County, Pennsylvania, in Southhampton Township. He had a land patent of
270 acres. He died intestate in 1718. He married Mary Duffield, daughter of
Benjamin Duffield, and sometime prior to his death he conveyed his real estate to his father-in-law, Benjamin Duffield, who in turn conveyed joint holdings entail to Benjamin Blackledge, oldest son of William, in entail, and to his male heirs forever. William had four known sons; Benjamin, Thomas, Robert and John.

NOTE:Birth & death Info from Ray Kenser 29 Apr 1998

William married Mary Duffield daughter of Benjamin Duffield. Mary was born in 1684.

NOTE:Birth Info from Ray Kenser 29 Apr 1998

William and Mary had the following children:

+ 2 M i Benjamin Blackledge
+ 3 M ii Thomas Blackledge
  4 M iii Robert Blackledge.
        Robert married Elizabeth Howard on 19 Jul 1732 in Philadelphia, Pa.
  5 M iv John Blackledge.
        John married Bridget Grimes on 7 Jul 1736 in Philadelphia, Pa.

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