Beginning with letter "C"

CABBELL, Maria CABBELL, Rosy Alice CAHA, Bert S. CAIN, Mrs Ada R. CALDWELL, Delver CALDWELL, Fred R. CALDWELL, Ralph M. CALHAUN, William P. CALIP, Henry CALKINS, Guy B. CALLAHAN, Anna B. CALLAHAN, E. C. CALVERT, Orville C. CAMERSON, Thomas CAMPBELL, George A. CAMPBELL, Ida Lee CAMPBELL, Mike CAMPBELL, Richard C. CAMPBELL, Theadore H;. CAMPTON, John P. CANNON, Ben CANSLER,L Maude M. CAREY, Orville CARLILE, Orpha CARLISLE, Effie CARMICHAEL, Joseph H. CARNAHAN, Edna Ethel CARNEY, Burke F. CAROLL, Jerome T. CARR, Blanche CARRIER, S. J. CARSON, Edward C. CARSON, Evart L. CARSTENS, Maria L. CARSTENS, Martha CARSTENS, Matilda E. CARTER, Harry B. CARTER, Jessie CARTER, Joe M. CARTER, William CARVIN, Katie CASE, Edna F. CASE, John H. CASSODY, George W. CASTO, Mable M. CASTOR, Ray W. CATTERTON, Marguerite G. CAUSEY, Faith CAWOOD, Bertha CECIL, Lucy C. CESSNA, Roy C. CHAFFIN, John H. CHAIN, Pirl CHALOUPEK, Bomeal CHAMPION, Lulu E. CHAMPIONK, Pauline C. CHANDLER, Susie CHANEY, Cleo C. CHANEY, Inez CHANEY, Waverly B. CHAPLIN, Grover CHARLTON, Ettie E. CHATHAM, Robert C. CHENOWETH, Altah G. CHESTNUT, Frankie L. CHESTNUT, Leatha CHILDS, Littie CHILSON, Harry S. CHILSON, T. J. CHRISMAN, Richard H. CHRISTENSEN, Anna CHRISTENSEN, Florence CHRISTENSON, Amelia CHRISTOPHER, Wilfred S. CHUDA, Carrie CHURCH, Owen E. CINNAMON, Flora A. CINNAMON, George S. CLANCY, M. W. CLARK, Clary CLARK, Effie T. CLARK, Ethel CLARK, Franklin CLARK, George B. CLARK, Glenn D. CLARK, Henry CLARK, Jessie CLARK, Myrtle M. CLARK, Sina Edith CLARK, William D. CLARK, Willie O. CLAYTON, Ida CLEMANS, Moore CLEVENGER, Emma CLEVENGER, James CLEVENGER, Nancy J. CLEVLAND, Amelia CLICK, Graydon C. CLIFT, Alabama CLIFTON, Jesse W. CLINE, Addie B. CLINE, Furman R. CLINE, George H. CLINE, Ira P. CLINE, James J. CLOUNCH, Dollie COBB, Chester O. COBURN, Minnie J. COCHRUN, Lee M. CODBY, Minnie CODNER, Guy A. CODY, Bert F. COGSWELL, Clyle C. COKER, Edith COKER, Leslie COLBURN, Edmond COLDWELL, Louisa E. COLE, Grace COLE, Mabel E. COLLIATIE, Josephine COLLIER, Benton COLLINS, David S. COLLINS, Edith COLLINS, Francis COLLINS, Geneva M. COLLINS, Guy L. COLLINS, James M. COLLINS, Rose COLLINS, Sadie A. COLQUITT, Clarence COMBS, Carlos COMBS, Lillie COMINS, Minnie COMPTON, Clyde E. CONE, C. D. CONKLIN, Fred CONKLIN, Mary L. CONLEY, T. J. CONNER, Christopher CONNETT, Tony J. CONROY, Myrtle E. CONWELL, Francis J. COOK, Dora COOK, Guy COOK, Herbert G. COOK, Mary R. COOK, Mazie COOK, Newton G. COOK, Sallie V. COOK, Veda COOLEY, C. Sterling COOLEY, Daisy COON, Lake COOPER, H. I. COOPRIDER, Harley E. COPPACK, Nellie COPPOCK, Elsie E. CORATHORS, Bulah CORBETT, Raymond D. CORBIN, Amelia CORLETT, Winnie M. CORNELL, N. Lee CORRALL, Nettie CORRELL, Roy CORRIGAN, Nathaniel CORRY, Roy A. CORY, Grant COTTAR, Robert COTTOM, Laura COTTON, Vesta Virginia COUCH, Leon P. COULTER, George C. COULTER, Veshta COUNCIL, Nellie B. COURTNEY, Grace COVER, Frank N. COVEY, Edna COWARD, Edward R. COWEN, Jennie COWLING, Georgia COWSSER, Marvin COX, Bert E. COX, David N. COX, Maggie M. COX, Maud COX, Myrtle COX, Nellie S. COYLE, Leo COZART, George H. COZART, H. H. CRABTREE, Mable D. CRAFT, Charles F. CRAFT, Mary C. CRAIGHEAD, Daisy CRAIN , Harry T. CRAIN, Earl L. CRAISANT, John H. CRAMER, Etta L. CRANE, Bessie CRANE, Charles CRAVEN, Ida M. CRAWFORD, Martha CRAWFORD, Myrtle CRAWFORD, Nellie Marie CRAWFORD, Villa CREASEY, Charlie H. CREEL, Nellie CREW, Myrtle CRISWELL, Bertha M. CRISWELL, Effie CRITES, Francis CRITES, J. R. CROCKETT, John R. CROFF, John B. CRONE, Jesse R. CRONISTER, Nellie E. CRONKHITE, Louise CROSBY, Theadore CROSS, Alta Viola CROSS, Elmer H. CROSSWHITE, John R. CROUCH, Bessie M. CROUSE, Myrtle A. CROUSE, Ollie CULLISON, James B., Jr. CUMBACK, George W. CUMBERLAND, William R. CUMBOW, Mary E. CUMMINGS, Cora CUMMINGS, Iva R. CUMMINGS, Louie CUMMINGS, Thomas T. CUNNINGHAM, John J. CUNNINGHAM, Sam CURRAN, Mamie I. CURRY, Mrs M. C. CURTIS, Arthur B. CURTIS, Guy E. CUSTER, Newton CUTLER, James


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