Beginning with letter "W"

Name WADDLE, Frank B. WADE, Emma G. WADE, Lillian WADE, Lucile B. WADE, Wesley WADKINS, Eva WADLEY, Della WADSWORTH, Mamie WADSWORTH, William E. WAGER, Iva Pearl WAGGERMAN, Emmet C. WAGGONER, Benjamin F. WAGGONER, Jessie Mabel WAGNER, Albert V. WAGNER, Elmer WAGNER, Fred W. WAGNER, Fred W. WAGNER, James F. WAGONER, Clarence H. WAGONER, Simeon A. WAHL, Gustava WAIT, Ida May WAITE, Mamie E. WAKEFIELD, George A. WAKEFIELD, Mrs Minnie WAKEFIELD, William C. WAKEN, Nezria WALDRON, Frank WALGOMOT, Blanche WALKER, Albert M. WALKER, Anna WALKER, Benton WALKER, Carlton Edson WALKER, Carrie A. WALKER, Elisa WALKER, George WALKER, George J. WALKER, Hannah WALKER, Harry E. WALKER, HATTIE WALKER, Ida WALKER, James WALKER, John WALKER, John H. WALKER, Louisa WALKER, Lyda WALKER, Martha WALKER, Mary WALKER, Maud WALKER, Mrs Evergreen WALKER, Rosa WALKER, Sallie C. WALKER, Solon WALKER, Sophia WALKER, Sylvester WALKER, Virginia WALKER, William WALKER, William E. WALL, William WALLACE, Barlow M. WALLACE, Clara L. WALLACE, Dora WALLACE, Effie J. WALLACE, Fannie E. WALLACE, Frank WALLACE, Ilia C. WALLACE, James WALLACE, Jane WALLACE, John M. WALLACE, Laurance P. WALLACE, Nancy E. WALLACE, Neven H. WALLACE, Odessa WALLACE, Rosa WALLACE, Ross WALLS, Edward WALLS, Harry WALSH, Esther WALSH, Katie I. WALSH, Richard WALSON, Mary WALSWORTH, Ida B. WALSWORTH, Ona WALT, Carrie WALT, Mamie WALT, Nellie WALTA, Frank, Jr. WALTER, Almena Maria WALTER, Amelia WALTER, Emma WALTER, Roy W. WALTERS, Earnest F. WALTERS, Elmer WALTERS, Genette WALTERS, Milton E. WALTERS, Oscr P. WALTERS, William R. WALTON, Ina M. WALTON, Laura A. WALTON, Lewis WALTON, Mary WALTON, Pearl WALTON, William WALTON, William T. WALTON, Wilmer WAMPLER, Rosa Ann WAMSLEY, Addie WAMSLEY, Maggie WAMSLEY, Minnie B. WAMSLEY, Vadie V. WANN, Charles A. WANZER, Annie WARD, Bessie E. WARD, Charles C. WARD, D. W. WARD, Della WARD, Elsie WARD, John C. WARD, M. Elda WARDEN, David T. WARE, Clara (Mrs) WARE, Lilie WARHURST, Charles WARHURST, James A., Jr. WARHURST, Maggie WARKENTIN, Henry WARNER, Annie WARNER, Clarence E. WARNER, Fred D. WARNER, Laurel WARNER, Sidney E. WARNOCK, Lewis E. WARNOCK, Nettie E. WARRAN, Estella WARREN, Bessie WARREN, Hugh E. WARREN, Susan E. WART, N. Dell WARTICK, Fred A. WASEMILLER, Fred WASHBURN, John E. WASHBURN, Oscar WASHINGTON, Frank WASMILLER, Jacob WASMILLER, Katie WATERS, Emanuel WATERS, Emanuel WATERS, John L. WATERS, W. W. WATERS, William H. WATKINS, Bessie WATKINS, Clara B. WATKINS, John D. WATKINS, Lizzie E. WATKINS, Nellie C. WATKINS, Nettie C. WATKINS, Ursula Julia WATKINS, W. I. WATKINS, Walter S. WATKINS, Willis J. WATRONS, Emma Mae WATSON, Charles T. WATSON, Minnie B. WATSON, Q. F. WATSON, Ray E. WATT, Mable WATT, Maud WATTS, Archie S. WATTS, Harry WATTS, Nellie S. WAVER, Minnie Emma WAVER, Rosa WAY, Effie M. WAY, Elmer E. WAY, Grace E. WAYBRIGHT, Mattie WAYLERIGHT, A. L. WAYMAN, Nellie E. WAYMAN, Rena M. WEATHERLEY, Edna J. WEATHERLY, Lucy Irene WEATHERS, Arthur E. WEAVER, Frank WEAVER, Frank WEAVER, Mable WEBB, Anna WEBB, E. Page WEBB, Nancy (Mrs) WEBB, Rachal D. WEBB, Reser H. WEBB, Robert L. WEBB, Sarah J. WEBB, T.C. WEBBER, Mollie WEBER, Bertha C. WEBER, Emma Clara WEBER, Henry L. WEBER, Mary WEBSTER, Daniel F. WEBSTER, Mary Grace WEDE, Kacob WEDEL, Caroline WEDEL, Carrie WEDEL, Eva WEDEL, Jacob T. WEDEL, Kathrina WEDEL, Lizzie WEDEL, Mary WEEKS, Daisy Violet WEEKS, Frank W. WEGER, William D. WEGNER, Henry George WEGNER, Minnie K. WEHLING, Carl WEHLING, Carl WEHMEYER, Gusta S. WEHR, Earl A. WEHRLEY, Albert G. WEHRMAN, Gustave F. WEIBLING, C. C. WEIDNER, Edward WEIDNER, Ella WEIDNER, Lizzie WEIGHT, William WEILER, Lena WEINS, Anna WEINS, Gustav WEINS, Peter WEIR, Dora M. WEIR, Edith WEISSINGER, Frank S. WELB, Andrew WELCH, James G. WELCH, Leonard WELCH, Lizzie WELCH, Mark P. WELCH, Otho O. WELCH, Stella M. WELCH, William W. WELDON, Clarence WELDON, Sarah B. WELK, Katie WELKER, Alta G. WELLER, Robert WELLS, Blanche WELLS, Catherine WELLS, Edna WELLS, George P. WELLS, Lulu M. WELLS, Mable F. WELLS, Minnie Bell WELTY, John H. WELTY, Malinda C. WENDLAND, William WENT, Albert W. WENTZ, William WENWORTH, John L. WENZLER, Crist WENZLER, John WENZLER, Katherine WENZLER, Robert WERNER, John F.P.,Jr. WERNER, Martha L. WESLEY, Luetta B. WESNER, Ira S. WESSEL, Victor D. WEST, Araminta WEST, David E. WEST, Gertie WEST, Grace May WEST, Laura May WEST, Lillie WEST, Maggie WEST, Mary WEST, Mrs Arvella WEST, Nora WEST, Ruby WEST, Theo. WESTBROOK, T. WESTERMAN, Louise WESTNICH, Anna WESTPHAL, Anna Augusta T. WETHINGTON, Sampson A. WHAYLEN, Jessie WHEELER, Charles E. WHEELER, Daniel J. WHEELER, George WHEELER, Ida A. WHEELER, Mrs Jennie C. WHEELER, Robert WHEELER, William P. WHIPPLE, Ernest WHIPPLE, Ethel P. WHIPPLE, Lillian W. WHITACRE, John W. WHITAKER, Clarence WHITAKER, Luella WHITAKER, Rachael J. WHITE, Alexander B. WHITE, Almeda E. WHITE, Anna WHITE, Anna WHITE, Anna (Mrs) WHITE, Barney H. WHITE, Charley L. WHITE, Charlie G. WHITE, Clara WHITE, Ethel M. WHITE, Henry G. WHITE, John WHITE, Joseph G. WHITE, Leona WHITE, Lillie V. WHITE, Lowry WHITE, Lowry M. WHITE, Lucy WHITE, Mrs Mary E. WHITE, Nancy J. WHITE, Nellie M. WHITE, Nelson R. WHITE, Nina WHITE, Richard H. WHITE, Rosa WHITE, Sath WHITE, Seth WHITEHEAD, Charles W. WHITEHEAD, Mary WHITEHEAD, Robert N. WHITEHEAD, Sarah WHITEHEAD, Theodoria WHITEHEAD, William D. WHITELOCK, Alma WHITELOCK, Ethel WHITEMAN, Ethel WHITING, Vernon WHITLOW, George W. WHITLOW, Lillie WHITLOW, Samuel L. WHITMACK, Sarah Elizabeth WHITMAN, Bertha Hanna WHITMIRE, Anna E. WHITNEN, Rufus M. WHITNEY, Cash E. WHITNEY, Clarence O. WHITNEY, Emma (Mrs) WHITNEY, Ethelyne WHITNEY, Glenn C. WHITSELL, Isaac F. WHITSELL, Isaac F. WHITTAKER, Levi C. WHITTAKER, Mrs Belle WIATT, Fred V. WIBLE, Walter P. WICHART, Herman WICHERT, Mary J. WICK, Solomon M. WICKER, Claud WICKIZER, Clara A. WIDAMAM, Earnest WIDICK, Ivan G. WIEDEN, Anna WIELER, Frank WIELER, Frank J. WILCOX, A. P. WILCOX, Mrs Delilah WILCOX, T.S. WILCOX, Thomas B. WILCOX, Willie WILCOXON, Alfred L. WILDER, Clyde WILDER, Elsie WILDER, George WILDER, George Russel WILDER, Mrs Maude WILER, Josie WILER, Rosa WILEY, Dora Pearl WILEY, J. Robert WILEY, Jessie WILEY, Minerva WILHITE, John R. WILHITE, John R. WILKEN, Fredrick W. WILKINS, Adaline WILKINS, Adoline WILKINS, J. A. WILKINS, James Morris WILKINS, Mamie Virginia WILKINS, Mattie WILKINSON, Mary WILLET, Benjamin F. WILLEY, Ida WILLEY, Roy H. WILLHELM, Edward F. WILLIAMS, Alvildie WILLIAMS, Anna WILLIAMS, Anna M. WILLIAMS, C. S. WILLIAMS, Charles WILLIAMS, Charles L. WILLIAMS, Cora M. WILLIAMS, Dan L. WILLIAMS, Dicy WILLIAMS, Edna WILLIAMS, Ernie David WILLIAMS, Estella WILLIAMS, Fay WILLIAMS, Flora WILLIAMS, Flora Ann WILLIAMS, Francis M. WILLIAMS, Frank WILLIAMS, Ira A. WILLIAMS, Jesse R. WILLIAMS, Jessie L. WILLIAMS, Joseph D. WILLIAMS, Julius F. WILLIAMS, Laura WILLIAMS, Laura WILLIAMS, Lela J. WILLIAMS, Lillian A. WILLIAMS, Lilly Beatrice WILLIAMS, Lon WILLIAMS, Lula WILLIAMS, Marie C. WILLIAMS, Mary E. WILLIAMS, Mary Ettie WILLIAMS, Mattie WILLIAMS, Mattie WILLIAMS, Mrs Eoline G. WILLIAMS, Mrs Jennie M. WILLIAMS, Mrs Mary WILLIAMS, Mrs Pairalee WILLIAMS, N. H. WILLIAMS, Nanie Jeannette WILLIAMS, Nannie M. WILLIAMS, Nettie WILLIAMS, Newport H. WILLIAMS, Olin L. WILLIAMS, Ollie WILLIAMS, Ora E. WILLIAMS, Orie B. WILLIAMS, Pearl Levica WILLIAMS, R. P. WILLIAMS, Robert E. WILLIAMS, Robert L. WILLIAMS, Ross M. WILLIAMS, Ruby WILLIAMS, S. E. WILLIAMS, Sophia S. WILLIAMS, Sylvinia (Mrs) WILLIAMS, Thomas WILLIAMS, Thomas F. WILLIAMS, Walter A. WILLIAMS, William A. WILLIAMS, Willliam S. WILLIAMSON, Amos G. WILLIAMSON, Anna Lizzie WILLIAMSON, Donald C. WILLIAMSON, Florence Ethel WILLIAMSON, George W. WILLIAMSON, Gertrude B. WILLIAMSON, H. W. WILLIAMSON, Issac N. WILLIAMSON, Len A. WILLIAMSON, Ora A. WILLIS, Claud D. WILLIS, Edward WILLIS, Henry Clay WILLIS, John A. WILLIS, Thursa I. WILLIS, William E. WILLS, C. E. WILLS, Mrs Sarilda M. WILLS, William W. WILLSIE, Viola Mae WILLSTON, Minnie WILMAUS, Carrie WILSON, Adaline WILSON, Anna WILSON, Anna WILSON, Anna Mabel WILSON, Arthur WILSON, Bessie WILSON, Charles WILSON, Clara Agnes WILSON, Claude F. WILSON, Clyda WILSON, Cora M. WILSON, Dale G. WILSON, Della WILSON, Evalyn M. WILSON, Fred L. WILSON, George W. WILSON, Georgie E. WILSON, Gertie E. WILSON, Grace WILSON, Hattie WILSON, Hattie WILSON, Homer H. WILSON, Ida May WILSON, Ino WILSON, James C. WILSON, Jeff WILSON, Jennettie WILSON, John E. WILSON, Joseph WILSON, Joseph Alexander WILSON, Katie G. WILSON, Louis WILSON, Louis WILSON, Lucile F. WILSON, Lucy WILSON, Lulu WILSON, Mable M. WILSON, Marcus WILSON, Marion E. WILSON, Marion E. WILSON, Mary WILSON, Minnie B. WILSON, Mitchell WILSON, Mrs Fannie B. WILSON, Nora WILSON, Nora M. WILSON, Preston L. WILSON, Sadie Mae WILSON, Susie WILSON, Tom WILSON, Wesley WILSON, Wesley WILSON, William H. WILSON, William H. WILSON, William W. WILSON, Wm. T. WIMBERLEY, Myrtle WIMBERLY, Clara E. WIMER, Linnie WIMMER, Naoma WINDLER, Lewis WINDLER, William WINDSOR, Fred WINFREY, Martha J. WINFREY, Nellie M. WINGERT, Annie WINGERT, Ella M. WINGERT, Minnie WINKLER, Felix L. WINKLER, Kate WINSHIP, Mildred WINSLOW, Laura WINSLOW, Sylvia E. WINTER, Henry WINTER, Lydia WINTERS, Frank P. WINTERS, James WIRE, Ira C. WIRES, Samuel WIRTH, Bessie WIRTH, Emil WISE, Earl WISE, Florence WISE, Hannah WISE, Lina B. WISE, Mary Alice WISENBURGER, Alonso D. WISNER, Sylvester WITCHER, Walter W. WITHERS, Daniel K. WITHERS, Jesse W. WITHERS, John Franklin WITHINGTON, John WITMAN, John H. WITTEMEYER, Elizabeth WITTEMEYER, Tillie A. WITTLAKE, Frederick WOERZ, Gottlieb WOICIKOFSKE, Lena WOLCOTT, Iona WOLCOTT, Mrs Mary M. WOLF, Esther WOLF, Onega WOLF, William H. WOLF, William L. WOLFE, Della May WOLFE, Mae WOLFE, Mamie WOLK, Clara M. WOMACK, John Harry WOMICH, Effie May WOOD, Albert S. WOOD, Albert T. WOOD, Beulah L. WOOD, Edna E. WOOD, Gertrude WOOD, Jennie May WOOD, Myrtle WOOD, Myrtle WOOD, Nellie WOOD, Norah WOOD, Norma WOOD, Sam WOODARD, Sanford E. WOODMANSEE, ElsieMadern WOODRING, William J. WOODRING, Willis E. WOODROW, John W. WOODROW, William A. WOODS, Elizabeth WOODS, Fred M. WOODS, George E. WOODS, Louisa A. WOODS, Nellie WOODSON, James A. WOODSON, Mrs Luvina WOODWORTH, Henry C. WOODYARD, Alden O. WOOLARD, Sarah E. WOOLF, Conrad J. WOOLWINE, Lewis W. WOOLWINE, Roland W. WOOLWINE, Roy V. WORACEK, Elizabeth WORDEN, W. E. WORKMAN, Lizzie WORKMAN, Thomas WORLICK, Sam James WORMINGTON, Wesley L. WORTH, Bessie Gabriel WORTH, William E. WORTHINGTON, Roy H. WORTHINGTON,VidaBlanche WRIGHT, Albert J. WRIGHT, Anna May WRIGHT, Beatrice WRIGHT, Benjamin F. WRIGHT, Bertha A. WRIGHT, Charles E. WRIGHT, Edith V. WRIGHT, Florance E. WRIGHT, Genevie WRIGHT, Jesse M. WRIGHT, John M. WRIGHT, John W. WRIGHT, Joseph William WRIGHT, Lydia WRIGHT, Margaret WRIGHT, Maud Le WRIGHT, Richard WRIGHT, Ula R. WRIGHT, Willard L. WRIGHT, William S. WRIGHT, Wycuff WRIGHT, Zimmery M. WRIGHTMAN, J. WRIGLEY, Susie A. WULF, Ethyl C. WULFF, Lulu L. WULFF, Paul B. WULZ, Emanuel WUNRCH, Dana T. WYATT, Clarence WYATT, John Melvin WYATT, Lura Alice WYATT, Maud WYCKOFF, Ella (Mrs) WYCOFF, Cora E. WYCOFF, T. F. WYLAND, Mary Emma WYLAND, Will L.


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