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This is a list of cemeteries in Garfield County

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Baldwin, Olive Twp.
Banner Hill, Banner Twp.
Bethany, Enid Twp.
Bethel, Reed Twp.
Collett, Patterson Twp.
Covington, Otter Twp.
Del Norte, Sheriden Twp.
Douglas Union, Otter Twp.
Ebenezer, Marshall Twp.
Enid Calvary Catholic Cemetery, Enid Twp.
Enid Cemetery, Enid Twp.  

Enid Memorial Cemetery, Enid Twp
Garber, Allison Twp.
Hackberry, Hackberry Twp.
Hayward, Wood Twp.
Heitholt, Blaine Twp.
Hillsdale, Keowee Twp.
Imo, Sheriden Twp.

Immanuel Lutheran, Breckinridge, Union Twp.

Immanuel Lutheran, Garber, Lincoln Twp.
Kremlin, Kremlin Twp.
Landes, Family Lot, Wood Twp.
Lubbers, Marshall Twp.
McKinley Congregational, McKinley Twp.
Mennonite Brethren Church, Lahoma, Hobart Twp.
Mennonite Brethren Church, Enid, North Enid Twp.
North Marshall I.O.O.F., Reed Twp.
Paradise, Union Twp.
Pleasant Valley, Flynn Twp
Rosehill, Hobart, Twp
Sample, Wood Twp.
St. John Lutheran, Olive Twp.
St. Joseph Catholic, Osborn Twp.
Sunny Side, Logan Twp.
Trinity Lutheran, Logan Twp.
Waukomis, Waukomis Twp.
Wesley M.E. Chapel (Old), Logan Twp.
White, Noble Twp.
Zion Lutheran, Fairmont, Patterson, Twp.
Zion Lutheran, Lahoma, Hobart Twp.

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